Refund Policy

This Refund Policy outlines the conditions under which refunds are provided by Sithakol.

1. Definitions

“You / your” or “the Customer” refers to any natural person who has agreed to the terms and conditions of Sithakol and utilizes the Services offered on the Platform.

“Order” encompasses various transactions including cryptocurrency purchases, sales, deposits, and withdrawals conducted through the Platform.

“Platform” denotes the online system hosted on and the Sithakol app, managed by Sithakol.

“Services” comprise currency exchange and cryptocurrency wallet services provided by Sithakol.

2. Principles

Sithakol guarantees the right to a refund if it fails to fulfill an Order, such as not delivering cryptocurrency to the specified address or not transferring fiat currency to the Customer’s account.

Customers must adhere to the payment process outlined on the Platform. Any cancellation initiated by a third-party financial institution before contacting Sithakol will incur costs borne by the Customer.

Refunds are only applicable if the Customer has paid for the Services as per the Order, inclusive of all relevant fees.

The Customer is solely responsible for any charges incurred during the refund process, deducted from the final refund amount.

To request a refund, the Customer must complete a Refund Form and submit it from the email address associated with their Platform account to

Refund requests are processed after the Customer’s identity verification on the Platform.

Sithakol strives to process refund requests promptly, although processing times may vary. Customers will be notified of the outcome and can contact Support for updates.

Submission of a Refund Form does not guarantee approval.

Funds are refunded to the original payer’s account if Services cannot be provided.

3. Refunds for Successful Cryptocurrency Purchases

Refunds are not available once cryptocurrency is received as per the Order. However, customers can sell the purchased cryptocurrency back to Sithakol at the current market rate plus applicable fees.

4. Chargebacks

Customers must contact Sithakol Support to resolve Order-related issues before requesting a chargeback. Sithakol investigates each chargeback request and communicates with relevant financial institutions.

Sithakol reserves the right to suspend Platform accounts and lock Funds during chargeback investigations.

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